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Family Balloon FUN

Most kids love balloons, but did you realize they make a great active play toy? Try this:

  • Gather the family and spread out in a circle.
  • Blow up and tie off 1-2 balloons. The goal is to keep the balloon(s) off the floor.
  • Toss 1 balloon in the circle and have family members hit it back and forth across the circle. Add different "challenges" for fun: turn around after hitting the balloon, do a jumping jack after hitting the balloon, or make up your own challenges
  • Toss the second balloon into the circle and see if you can keep both balloons off the floor!orrif you cToTToss 


Inexpensive Game Ideas

It doesn't take expensive equipment for kids to have fun being active! Use everyday items such as yarn balls, empty bottles, baskets or paper plates. Here are some fun activities using paper plates as Frisbees:

  • Frisbee Tag (tag the person by tossing the paper plate at their legs/feet)
  • Frisbee Catch (with two or more)
  • Frisbee Hoops (using a basket, box or trashcan as the goal)

For more simple, inexpensive ideas like these, check out HKC's Setting Up for Success, "Shoestring Budget" section.

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