Healthy eating and physical activity solutions for kids

Fruits & Veggies Every Day the Tasty Way

Rather than weight, the Healthy Kids Challenge® focus is on six healthy habits (Healthy6).

Fruits and Veggies Every Day the Tasty Way is one of the evidence-based solutions, Healthy Kids Challenge® helps YOU put into practice. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and other health experts point to fruit and vegetable intake as a way to address the obesity crisis and other chronic diseases.

Happy 2nd Birthday MyPlate!

As of this June, MyPlate has been helping us make healthy food choices for 2 years! Celebrate by challenging yourself this month to fill half your meal plate with healthy fruits & veggies. Here's how:

  • Stock up on canned and frozen veggies that are quick and easy to prepare in the microwave.
  • Cut-up fruits & veggies and keep in refrigerator containers for quick meal appetizers.
  • Buy fresh fruits & veggies in season. They cost less and are likely to be at their peak flavor.

Girl with Fruit

Healthy Math Connections

Math problems are a great way to reinforce the "healthy, feel good power" of fruits & veggies while showing ways we use math every day.

Pre K-2nd Grade Ideas: (For helpful visuals, use fruit/veggie pictures or plastic food models.) If you go to the grocery store and buy 1 orange, 1 pear and 2 apples, how many pieces of fruit would you have? If you eat 2 fruits every day, how many days will you be able to eat fruit?

3rd-5th Grade Ideas: If you have 6 cups of veggies to serve 3 people, how many cups of veggies could each person have?

For more healthy lesson ideas like these, see the Health Works! toolkit!