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Smart Servings

Healthy Kids Challenge® resources are A-ppealing & fun W-elcome & inviting E-asy & simple. To sum it up, they are AWE-some. Smart Servings is one of the Healthy6 messages! Rather than weight, the focus is on six healthy habits (Healthy6).

Smart Servings: Fun Trivia!

  • Question: How many slices of bread does a large bakery muffin represent? Answer: A 1 ounce muffin, like 1 slice of bread is considered 1 Grain serving. However, many large muffins are 4-6 ounces, so eating a muffin would be like having 4-6 slices of bread plus extra sugar and fat!
  • Question: Which has more calories, 4 medium-size fresh oranges, or 18 potato chips? Answer: They are about the same and look at all the oranges you get compared to just 18 chips!

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Kids Eating Outdoors

Hear See Do

Discovering Smart Servings is as Simple as 1-2-3-4...ho 

Use healthy messages for morning announcements, bulletin boards or at home meal discussions.

Number 1:  Be smart about how much food.
Number 2:  Be smart: choose smaller servings of high fat or sugary foods.
Number 3:  Be smart about how full you feel.
Number 4:  Be smart with more active play for healthy balance.

Easy to understand teaching messages from the Health Works! toolkit.