Healthy eating and physical activity solutions for kids

Healthy6 Printables

Focus on Health using HKC Tools for Nutrition and Physical Activity

Take a look at "where you are" with healthy behaviors. Any time is a good time to reassess and set goals for healthy eating and active play!

  • Families and staff wellness programs will find the Parent Tips and Healthy Me Challenges especially helpful. The Healthy Me Challenges provide great goal setting tips.
  • Teachers and youth leaders will find the Healthy Kids Challenge newsletter, WOWS, to be an endless source of ideas and inspirations!
For more ideas...
Through tips, activities and nutrition education curriculum, Healthy Kids Challenge® continuously strives to meet the challenge for healthier kids! We recently asked schools and youth programs to send examples of how they are helping to meet the challenge! Get ideas from others who are meeting the Nutrition Education Tool Box Challenge by taking steps to help make a difference for a healthier tomorrow.
Additional nutrition education tools for teachers and youth leaders are found on the Healthy Kids Challenge Online Store. Balance My Day nutrition curriculum makes classroom nutrition and physical activity teaching easy with "turn-key" lessons and Move & Learn and Taste & Learn activities that keep kids engaged and learning! 


  • Fruits & Veggies - Every Day the Tasty Way
    NIH researchers report fewer than 1 in 3 adolescents eat fruits and vegetables daily
    Fruits & Veggies
  • Breakfast GO Power
    Breakfast eaters have better attention and memory than breakfast skippers.
  • Active Play, Balance My Day
    Only about half of U.S. adolescents are physically active five or more days of the week
    Active Play
  • Snack Attack
    Snacks are a major cause of poor eating habits. Chips, candy, and other snack foods account for 27% of kids’ daily caloric intake.
    Snack Attack
  • Smart Servings
    Studies show that people eat more when they are confronted with larger portion sizes.
    Smart Servings
  • Drink Think
    A recent study shows sugary beverage intake is associated with a higher intake of unhealthy foods.

Healthy6 Printables

Classroom & Afterschool

Healthy6 ideas provide easy to teach, learn, and practice nutrition and active play activities. Use these healthy suggestions this month!

New activities each month
Hear a message—See how to make a healthy choice—Do practice making the choice

Healthy6 Parent Tips

Parent tips are ideal for school event handouts and to link Healthy6 messages to home. Check them out!

Want more? Parent tips are in Spanish or English. Purchase a complete set to download and print as many copies and as often as you wish.


Healthy Me Challenges

Use these challenges for a healthier year with students, staff and family! Take a look "where you are" with your healthy habits and move ahead from that point.

Find helpful tips, and set a personal goal for healthy habits.

WOWS Newsletter

Healthy6 school and community activity ideas are given weekly in our HKC E-newsletter.

Help kids or staff practice healthy eating and physical activity with an easy to use idea each week.



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