Healthy eating and physical activity solutions for kids

Hear-See-Do Success

 Why Hear-See-Do? It’s success in our work is undeniable. I’m sure you’re familiar with the quote: “I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand.” -- Confucious.

You’re likely to also have heard the research that people remember more of what they hear, see, and do, than what they hear and see, or just only hear. The combined experience of physically doing and/or saying what you’re learning is so effective--and yes, more fun than simply listening to a lecture.

Not only do all of our resources and assistance center around the Hear-See-Do approach, we incorporate it into every workshop and training we offer for leaders of kids everywhere. Check out this progression:

Leaders and kids HEAR a healthy message.
They SEE how to make the healthy choice.
Then they DO by practicing the healthy choice.

At an HKC interactive training, teachers and youth leaders:

HEAR- a healthy message: A focus for the training will be customized just for the participants, but let’s use fruits and veggies for an example today.

  • “Help kids enjoy choosing more fruits and veggies”.

SEE- how to enjoy fruits and veggies: The HKC trainer shows the teachers/youth leaders easy, fun, and effective ways to help kids make healthy choices. This can range from breakfast ideas on the go to brain break ideas to a cooking skills lesson.

  • Show the Apple-Almond Salad ingredients and recipe, demonstrate how it all fits into MyPlate guidelines, and how it can also be used as a tasting lesson with kids

DO- They practice doing exactly what they’ve just been shown. From creating their own breakfast menus, to developing an activity that will work in their own classroom, to leading that cooking lesson for the rest of the group.

  • Youth leaders create menus using MyPlate and the Apple-Almond Salad recipe, and they actually prepare and serve it for lunch during the training.

They go home that day, and can confidently implement what they just learned, and teach their classes or youth groups utilizing the exact same Hear-See-Do method, because every lesson in the HKC Balance My Day™ (BMD) curriculum is designed that way.


At home, teachers and youth leaders can help kids meet the challenge:

HEAR- a healthy message

  • “MyPlate guidelines recommend filling half of your plate with fruits and veggies.”

SEE- show kids how to make a healthy choice

  • Use the Taste and Learn Apple-Almond Salad Lesson (page 76 of the BMD grades 6-8 book). Show kids the salad filling half of a plate, and explain it represents the fruits and veggies of the MyPlate symbol.

DO- Have kids practice hand-on learning of the healthy habit.

  • Lead kids through the lesson and the activity, including creating a menu and a grocery list.

Do you use the Hear-See-Do approach? Tell us about your success