Healthy eating and physical activity solutions for kids

HKC On the Road: Allegany Co, MD

During our Balance My Day Training at Westmar Middle School in beautiful Allegany County, MD, a concerned teacher asked how to help obese middle school students knowing best practice guidelines advise against weight-loss diets for children and adolescents who are still growing taller. Addressing that dilemma, among a number of other concerns, is what the Balance My Day Training helps school personnel do! Using the Balance My Day Healthy 6 Messages, this teacher and his colleagues designed approaches to help all (not just overweight kids) Allegany Middle Schoolers eat healthier and move more.

Some of the approaches Allegany County teachers and administrators planned include:

  • serving healthy foods instead of doughnuts at staff meetings;
  • using hula hoops and bean bags in a relay race to teach MyPlate concepts;
  • employing the school's smart t.v. system to motivate students to try new, healthful foods;
  • conducting science experiments with fruits and vegetables;
  • using healthy eating and physical activity as art project themes;
  • scheduling regular classroom brain breaks and
  • examining healthful recipes and food labels to teach math concepts.

Because of our discussions about role modeling healthy behaviors, I was thrilled to hear several teachers commit to stop using candy as a classroom reward.

Allegany County, MD schools has been proactive in helping their students to form healthy habits. As a result of our Balance My Day Training, teachers and administrators have many more exciting tools to motivate students to eat healthfully and move more.