Healthy eating and physical activity solutions for kids

HKC On the Road: Lake Geneva, WI

  • Offering students a tasting event, 
  • creating a nutrition team teaching approach between P.E. and health teachers,
  • broadcasting photos of attractive lunch offerings on school TV announcements,
  • playing tag and dodge ball games with a nutrition message…

All of these are ideas that P.E. teachers and school food service staff at Lake Geneva, WI schools recently designed as part of their Balance My Day training.

Teachers and school food service personnel created achievable plans to promote healthy lifestyles such as encouraging the district's culinary arts students to be healthy eating ambassadors, using P.E. games and warm-up or cool down time to discuss nutrition facts and featuring school faculty and staff as role models for healthy behaviors. All of these approaches (and more) will enhance learning and create a healthy, balanced school day for students, faculty and staff in Lake Geneva, WI.

“I recommend [HKC]-SPARK Program workshops to others. (It) helps schools see areas where they can work together as a team and bring into all areas. " Dr. Jan Eckola, Lake Geneva Schools