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HKC on the Road: Matching Up Nutrition Ed and Phys Ed

Nutrition education can fit anywhere and everywhere in the school day! A group of motivated P.E. teachers in the Rockville Centre, New York school district along with Adelphi University Health and Wellness students recently helped prove that caring teachers can incorporate nutrition education into P.E. class time.

As part of their PEP grant award, we worked together with these motivated, caring P.E. teachers to take our Balance My Day™ curriculum and combine it with their need for this training to be a "moving training", so P.E. teachers could teach nutrition while students were moving. You might think nutrition education curriculum belongs only in the classroom, but our signature is the flexibility and adaptability of the curriculum and training to meet each school’s needs. So after a walk through the curriculum to help them understand concepts, we took some select lessons and had the teachers use their P.E. equipment to create fun, simple ways to teach nutrition concepts with movement.

One creative example was patterned after the popular board game, Memory. Colored cones were placed in the middle of the gym floor, with one food card beneath each cone. Teams of students send one member at a time to pick up a cone, read the card and call out the food and food group to which it belongs. Then the student chooses another cone, looking for a food that “matches” the food group underneath the first cone. If a match is found, the food card is taken back to the team and another student takes a turn. If no match is found, the food card is placed back under the cone, and the team member returns to the group. Teams are challenged to find as many “matches” as they can in a specified time frame, or they can compete against other teams to see who finds the most matches.

In the words of our Executive Director, Vickie, “Where in the world is HKC this week?” We’re wherever we can make a difference for kids! This week, it was in an outstanding P.E. program in Rockville Centre, New York!