Healthy eating and physical activity solutions for kids

HKC On the Road: Mentor, OH

Despite the first of the season snowfall in Ohio, P.E. teachers from the Mentor, OH, school district joined with health educators and registered dietitians from the Lake County General Health District in Painesville, OH, for a Balance My Day training.

Two training activity games got teachers’ competitive spirits flowing:

  • The Food Feud game makes use of food trivia facts found throughout the Balance My Day curriculum and
  • Nutrition Mission is a human scavenger hunt that helps educators identify colleagues who are practicing healthy behaviors

Both games found participants trying to outdo their co-workers’ performance. Both are examples of how to use games in an engaging way to teach about nutrition education and physical activity.

At the end of the training, participants had designed a tag game to actively teach about healthy snacks, and a hula-hoop activity to teach MyPlate while having students move around the gym. Other participants discussed ways to use label reading to help parents and students learn healthy eating facts and plans were begun to host a family night which emphasized healthy eating and physical activity.

“Our Healthy Kids Challenge workshop with Jane went wonderfully! She provided great information for our PE teachers to use in the classroom.” Rachel Patrick, CHES Health Educator, Lake County General Health District

"Healthy Kids Challenge training gave physical education teachers from 28 elementary schools the tools necessary to incorporate nutrition curriculum into their everyday classes."

"The methods used are simple and time efficient which allows physical education teachers to incorporate lessons into their short class periods."

"Jane provides the knowledge and experience necessary to produce a successful training while keeping participants engaged!"

“I would recommend the SPARK Program workshops to others because it’s a great program for a subject that doesn't always get a lot of attention."