Healthy eating and physical activity solutions for kids

HKC on the Road: Mill Hall, PA


Whose turn was it to design A.W.E.-some (Appealing, Welcoming, Exciting) approaches for teaching K-8 students nutrition and physical activity?

  1. Health and physical education teachers from the Mill Hall, Pennsylvania school district AND
  2. Lock Haven University student Health/P.E. majors majoring in health and P.E.

During the training, small groups of teachers and Lock Haven students played musical chairs while brainstorming about healthy breakfasts. Students took the lead in planning and presenting lesson plans which combined minutes of motion with teaching MyPlate concepts.

I was thrilled to hear that in order to encourage students and families to eat more fruits and vegetables, the PEP Grant coordinator is working with local grocers to discount and advertise different types of produce throughout the year. A 5K training and competition targeted toward girls in the district also has much community support.

The district's fitness centers are being rejuvenated to give students and teachers more physical activity options. Our training included discussions about "re-thinking" the school cafeteria so that it can be seen as a learning lab for healthy eating. Lock Haven students suggested decorating cafeteria walls and using lunch line waiting time for nutrition games or trivia contests.

At the end of the training a teacher commented that she appreciated learning about how to involve staff besides P.E. and health teachers in nutrition and physical activity skill building. Another teacher especially liked finding out about the different food-tracking apps appropriate for his students. Teachers and future teachers left the Healthy Kids Challenge Balance My Day training in Mill Hall, PA equipped to help their K-8 students eat healthier and move more.

Yes, I’d recommend this HKC-SPARK training to others. (It) helps you become more knowledgeable on implementing options in schools.”--Lock Haven Univ. Health/P.E. Student