Healthy eating and physical activity solutions for kids

HKC On the Road: N. Brookefield, MA

This training is doing everything right; we are moving and learning! After a couple of hours at other trainings I’ve attended, I usually don’t remember many of the topics discussed. Today is different. I remember what my fellow attendees’ favorite fruits and physical activities are because we were moving as we shared our favorites,” Jay Mooney, P.E.P. Grant Coordinator, North Brookefield, MA. 

Jay and fellow KidLinks went away from the training equipped with ideas about how to involve fellow teachers and community members in the P.E.P. Grant activities. Jay shared, “Many times when I approach a community member or organization about helping to promote physical activity and healthy eating, I am pleasantly surprised to find that they want to help and are looking for ways to be involved with students.”

Healthy Kids Challenge training




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