Healthy eating and physical activity solutions for kids

HKC On the Road: Olean, NY

PEP Grant recipients in Olean and Hinsdale, New York School Districts recently learned innovative ways to get faculty and students invested in healthy eating AND fun physical activities. P.E. and Health teachers are now collaborating with classroom teachers and cafeteria staff to plan and provide ways their schools can teach healthy eating and fun physical activity.

The teachers learned how to make the “Balance My Day” concepts of eating healthy and moving more, easy and fun for students, and designed their own activities and lessons including:

  • offering fruit as an after school snack,
  • simulating an active video game to teach about low, medium and high sugar foods,
  • playing a hoop-shooting game with red, green and yellow balls while identifying low, medium and high fat foods;
  • using primary colors of hula hoops and bean bags to teach MyPlate concepts and
  • employing a slow motion relay to help emphasize the importance of 3 servings a day of dairy.

The training also highlighted the use of HKC interactive events to involve and motivate faculty, staff, and families. Participants were intrigued to learn about a cooking contest, “Ready, Set, Cook, and Eat”, and an “Explore MyPlate” event, both of which have been used successfully in numerous venues to get participants motivated to eat healthy and move more.

"I was impressed with the high level of teamwork at this training. Before we broke for lunch, teachers had already identified specific ways to incorporate "Balance My Day" concepts at their schools all in the name of making a healthy difference for the students they serve.

I would recommend the HKC-SPARK Program workshops to others, love the activities and hard copies. [A] longer day would have been awesome. So many useful, instant ideas." -Maria Brooks, PEP Grant Coordinator