Healthy eating and physical activity solutions for kids

HKC On the Road in Ray, ND

How do you make nutrition ed a priority when school space is very limited and many families live in temporary housing? Just ask teachers and staff in Ray, North Dakota, where the area is experiencing the effects of the recent oil boom.

The schools of the Great North West Education Cooperative there are committed to helping kids and families live healthy lifestyles anywhere they live, learn, and play. Because so many families are relocating to the area, school facilities are being remodeled or built to meet needs. Temporary housing where many kids live doesn’t usually include outdoor playground areas or kitchens that promote home-cooked meals. However, as part of their PEP Grant, P.E. teachers and food service staff were able to participate in two days of Balance My Day™ training. Now the schools are better equipped to promote healthy eating and physical activity–even with limited space.

A popular practice that food service staff in the Nesson Public schools use is a crinkle knife-the kind used to make crinkle fries-to slice carrots. Because the carrots looked like French fries, students were excited to eat more carrots. This is a perfect example of a school utilizing new “tools” from their nutrition education toolbox. Whether it’s truly a crinkle knife tool, or 5-minute flexible nutrition education ideas, all Balance My Day nutrition ed tools can fit into any school day, anywhere! Have a nutrition ed idea to share? Enter our Nutrition Ed Toolbox Challenge! Click here for more details.

"Very good program! I would recommend to have all teachers/food service staff attend [Balance My Day training]." Kristy Fowler, School Food Service, Watford City, ND