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HKC On the Road: Snack Talk at the Y

Receiving a PEP grant is quite an achievement! For one thing, it requires a great commitment to training staff so they are providing quality nutrition education and physical activity programs for the youth they serve. The YMCA of Metropolitan Fort Worth, Texas, is stepping into their third and final year of their PEP grant. I just returned from two days of providing nutrition education training for their new Y staff. It was fun to listen to what is going on within the program since the first time I came as a trainer almost three years ago.

One thing that I loved hearing about was the teachable moment this program has found for nutrition education called Snack Talk. The staff use the afterschool program snack break as a time to deliver a simple nutrition message from the HKC Balance My Day nutrition curriculum, and then engage the kids in a nutrition activity while they enjoy a healthy snack. This idea grew out of our distance assistance program with the Y, where I worked with site managers to problem solve time barriers of how and when to teach nutrition education. Hearing the success stories of this resolved problem made me come full circle to why I travel the country training...our Healthy Kids Challenge team, starting with me, care deeply about kids and their KidLink adults; KidLinks who help kids build skills that make it easier to eat healthy and move more! - VJ 09-23-13