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HKC On the Road: Watertown, MA

The fun thing about HKC Balance My Day trainings is sharing the awesome lesson ideas that KidLinks* create during their time with our staff. Following is just a sample of exciting new practices taking place in Watertown Schools:

  • Flexible nutrition ed: P.E. teachers and staff created original ways to add physical activity and nutrition messages to their day.
  • MyPlate tag: A health teacher designed a simple MyPlate tag game that her students could play in an unused gym on campus.
  • Hula hoop nutrition: Several P.E. teachers worked together to produce a dodge-ball game that teaches about high and low fat foods using hula hoops and bean bags.
  • Middle school healthy choices: Another P.E. teacher put together a simple homework assignment for his 6-8 grade students that challenges families to plan ways to improve their lifestyle choices.
  • Cafeteria wellness connections: The District Wellness Coordinator found a number of ways to link physical activity and nutrition with the District's foodservice operations and cafeterias.

As a result of a successful training, Watertown School District can look forward to an atmosphere where students and families learn about a balanced approach to nutrition and physical activity.

Watertown School District, Watertown, MA

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*KidLink - Anyone who can help kids make healthy eating and physical activity choices a habit