Healthy eating and physical activity solutions for kids

How to Make the Healthy Choice the Easy Choice for Kids

Use Healthy6 Printables for Back to School to make the healthy choice the easy choice for kids.

All of our printables and resources connect with each other to make sure a consistent healthy message is given everywhere kids live, learn, and play! Try making the connection between school and home using the following "Smart Snacks" lessons and messaging.

  1. Use the Classroom and Afterschool activities and the WOWS newsletter ideas to teach a Healthy6 message to kids.
    • "Snack Attack" Classroom and Afterschool lesson, Take Healthy Action
    • Smart Snacks Everywhere - July 2, 2014 WOWS
  2. Then have the class practice what they have learned by using a Healthy Me Challenge to guide them in setting goals.
    • Snack Attack Challenge: Keep Healthy Snacks Handy
  3. Finally, connect with parents by sending home the corresponding, Parent Tip sheet to reinforce the healthy message at home.
    • Healthy Celebration Snacks