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Join Our Nutrition Ed Tool Box Challenge

Creative Minds Make Nutrition Ed Easy!
Combining evidence based information and nutrition education standards with AWE-some implementation ideas (Appealing and fun, Welcoming and inviting, Easy and simple!) is one of the keys to Healthy Kids Challenge success!

We often hear back from teachers, physical educators, school nutrition staff and youth leaders about how they tweaked HKC lessons or activity ideas to fit available resources or integrated them with other subject matter. This great feedback is not only inspiring, but demonstrates how nutrition education can become a part of day to day practices. They inspired us to kickoff an AWE-some Nutrition Ed Tool Box Challenge to share their awesome ideas!

What: Nutrition education lessons for kids in Grades K-12, lead by a teacher, physical educator, youth leader, or school nutrition staff.

The entry could be a lesson or project you have used in the past or one that you develop.The lesson or project should use credible nutrition content such as Healthy Kids Challenge resources, HKC partner resources, MyPlate, and/or USDA Nutrition content or guidelines. See examples on our website.

Why: Inspire, Collect, and Share Ideas. To inspire KidLinks to make nutrition education AWE-some (Appealing and fun, Welcoming and inviting, Easy and simple), we’ll compile and share ideas entered.

What you gain for meeting the Challenge!

  • A wonderful opportunity learning what others are doing and for building your nutrition tool box
  • Recognition of your creativity
  •  For each educator who participates in the Challenge, we’ll send one free electronic copy of either our Healthy Kids Challenge Taste and Learn Recipes or our reproducible Parent Tips.

When: October 1 - December 15, 2014

How: Simple! Type up your ideas and enter them online. In the spirit of AWE-some, we want to make it EASY for you to share.