Healthy eating and physical activity solutions for kids

Kick-off the School Year with MyPlate

HEAR - SEE - DO For Back to School Learning

Build excitement for healthy eating and active play by kicking off the school year with a fun and educational Explore MyPlate™ event. Show kids how to eat, move and enjoy a healthy balance!

Help kids hear the message that healthy eating and active play are fun and interesting to do.

Let them see examples of healthy, tasty food choices and active play ideas.

Let them do by providing interactive activities.

Hear - See - Do Activity Idea

Set up your own Explore MyPlate™ event or use our easy step by step event planning guide!

  • In a large area (cafeteria, gym, parking lot) connect 6 display tables (representing the 5 MyPlate food groups plus one for active play).
  • Set up the tables that participants will walk by with food models, interactive nutrition and active play games and educational handouts.
  • Station a facilitator at each display table to guide participants through the event, or provide each participant a MyPlate Teaching Card to use for challenges and tips at each table.
  • Let kids explore the event during the day and bring back families in the evening for their own healthy experience!