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Lessons Learned on My HKC Back to School Road Trip

This week I traveled east to Westminster Charter School, Buffalo, New York, and had the privilege of working with K-2 teachers. As I travel the journey home I have some lessons learned to share.

First, after a summer away from the classroom, teachers have many things to focus on and gear up for with kids returning this week. So, while I am 100% focused on their training, they have rooms to ready, lesson plans to complete, and more. Second, teachers are social beings and need that first day back for some fellowship and idea sharing together. Toss in that this school had a recent electrical fire with much damage, there was some anxiety and urgency with priorities.

My take away was to offer caring teachers time to talk, leave them with simple “use-at-a-teachable-moment” nutrition education activities that they can adapt to their circumstances, and plant the seed that nutrition education can be taught anywhere and anytime during the school day.

Offering customized staff training is always a HKC signature to best assist schools. Each and every time I walk away, I realize more and more what KEY KidLinks teachers truly are for America's kids. Adapting to the needs of schools with our trainings is a privilege and a means of giving back. More from the road to come at the end of this month. -VJ 09-04-13