Healthy eating and physical activity solutions for kids

Mukwanago, Wisconsin HKC Training

By the end of their Balance My Day ™ training, P.E. teachers in the Mukwonago School District in Mukwonago, WI developed a number of nutrition education techniques for use during their gym classes. One teacher designed a dodge ball game that will help students to identify high and low fat foods. Another teacher designed a plan to use the nutrition lesson plans in the BMD curriculum on days when the gym is unavailable.

School food service staff in the same district planned ways to use Healthy Kids Challenge A la Cart Cooking Carts to highlight healthy eating at school orientation nights, family nights or with classroom teachers.

Mukwonago PEP grant coordinator, Nancy Movrich, brainstormed ways to use the district's social media outlets to highlight some of the healthy eating and physical activity options available to students, faculty and staff.

When summing up the training, a P.E. teacher said, "I can now see how to include nutrition in gym classes without taking time away from students' physical activities."

Asking the question, Would you recommend the SPARK Program workshops to others? Nancy Movrich, Mukwonago's PEP Grant Coordinator wrote, "Great ideas to easily incorporate nutrition."