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MyPlate…Meet the Fruit and Veggie Challenge

MyPlate helps guide eating with food groups and smart serving sizes.

This week, practice serving sizes by focusing on fruits and veggies. A good goal for most of us is to choose 5-5 ½ cups of fruits and veggies a day. Use a 1 cup measure. A tennis ball makes a good visual for 1 cup, too.

  • Try to get a variety each day. There are 5 different fruit and veggie colors (red, yellow /orange, green, blue/purple, and white. Choosing different colors ensures variety and makes a colorful plate!
  • Each day, make a note of:
    • The variety of fruits and veggies eaten
    • The total number of cups eaten
  • The ultimate goal is to choose 5 cups of fruits and veggies in a variety of types and colors.