Healthy eating and physical activity solutions for kids

New Breakfast GO Power Activity and Printable

Lets talk Breakfast GO Power this week since it fits in perfectly with the Back to School season. We have two awesome resources to help you start the conversation with kids. The To-Go Breakfast Ideas Activity may be designed with middle schoolers in mind, but it can easily be adapted to younger grades. And the new printable called, “Help Kids Fix Their Own Breakfast” breaks it down into the basic skills kids need to build their own healthy breakfast habit! A little description of each one follows:

To-Go Breakfast Ideas - Activity
After completing this activity kids will understand the reasons for eating breakfast, create To-Go breakfast ideas and advocate for the healthy menu options they create. Part of the activity is having kids think of To-Go breakfast ideas, and here is a sample to get them started:

• A tortilla "wrap" made with a tortilla, a slice of low fat cheese and thinly sliced apples

• A frozen, toasted mini waffle, spread with peanut butter and topped with banana slices, and 1% milk to drink

At the end, challenge kids to think about their own breakfast habits and set a goal. If they don't eat breakfast, ask them to consider setting a goal to eat breakfast more often. If they already eat breakfast most days, ask them to set a goal to include 3 or more MyPlate food groups each day.

Help Kids Fix Their Own Breakfast - Printable 
Give your child the skills to make a simple breakfast and start the day off with healthy eating. Topics covered include talking about healthy balance with breakfast, tools in the kitchen, and breakfast recipe ideas.

Did you know?

• More than half of all teens do not eat breakfast daily.

• Skipping breakfast may cause kids to not perform well at school.

• Eating breakfast is a key Healthy6 behavior that is linked to improving academic performance.

Let us know your Breakfast GO Power successes as you help kids get a great start to the new school year!