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March 3, 2010

Healthy Eating and School Gardens 

HEAR  Help people hear the healthy message

Since the day the First Lady broke ground for the White House Kitchen Garden, community and school gardens have gained attention! Government funding has been allotted to promote school gardens as a way to teach and help kids practice healthy eating. "Get on board" to start a school or youth garden with the kids you lead!

SEE  Show people HOW to make healthy changes

  • - this great resource provides tips for parents, teacher resources, classroom projects, grant information, and more

  • KinderGARDEN "Starting a School Garden" Dept. of Horticultural Sciences, Texas A & M University - provides a step by step guide to start a school garden 

DO  Help people practice and make healthy changes

  1. Work with school administrators to designate a specific land area or classroom space for gardening. If space is limited consider a "container garden" to start.

  2. Form a garden team of teachers, parents and administrators to help plan and work with the garden program.

  3. Encourage involvement with your school garden by sponsoring a "Garden Design" contest! Have kids submit plans and ideas to a panel of judges who will select the winning design for implementation that year.

  4. Seek out school garden grant opportunities for funding.  

Enter Now! The Recipe Contest Deadline is next week!

See the "Stirring Up Health™” Web pages for information and details. View classroom ideas and the entry form which can be submitted online or mailed.

HEAR - SEE - DO Tips for Newsletters

Cut and paste a HEAR-SEE-DO tip each week into your own parent newsletters!

Gardening with Kids
You don't have to be an expert to garden! Try these simple steps with your kids to get started.

  • Determine a location for planting and prepare the soil.
  • Let kids choose what to plant. Offer guidance and encourage some sure-success plants among their picks.
  • Let your child do the watering.
  • Relax your standards. The point is to have fun and a little success!

Families Walk Through the Pyramid at the Fun and Fit as a Family Festival Blog
Healthy Kids Challenge recently participated in the 2010 Fun and Fit as a Family Festival, hosted by Food Network South Beach Wine & Food Festival in Miami, Florida.  Read More. 

HKC Materials - School Wellness Team Guides 
Get your wellness team on the "same page" with these helpful guides. Take a look!
Funding Opportunity
Consider funding to develop an afterschool program promoting physical activity

ING Run For Something Better® School Awards Program
 April 15, 2010
In partnership with the National Association for Sport and Physical Education, ING's Run For Something Better® program seeks to increase physical activity in students and help fight childhood obesity nationwide through the creation of school-based running programs. The awards program will provide at least fifty $2,000 grants to schools that want to establish a running program, or expand an existing one, that targets grades 4 to 8.

Thought for the Day
"There can be no keener revelation of a society's soul then the way in which it treats its children." -- Nelson Mandela 

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