Healthy eating and physical activity solutions for kids

Walk Through the Pyramid and Ready, Set, Cook, and Eat at Chicago

During Taste of Chicago at the Healthy Kids Challenge (HKC) Walk Through the Pyramid over 1,000 kids and families walked through MyPyramid food groups, talked to the dancing carrot, and got moo-ful tips from the milk group cow while learning more about healthy eating and physical activity!  Del Monte Foods, a sponsor for both this year’s Healthy Kids Challenge Walk Through the Pyramid and Ready, Set, Cook and Eat events, helped bring edu-tainment at its best!

All day long, moms, dads, caregivers and youth group leaders engaged their kids in healthy eating and physical activity conversations.  At every food group, participants saw and touched healthy food choices.  In the physical activity area kids were spotted moving and grooving to the “slide”, hopping, jumping, and laughing!  One dad led his whole physical activity pyramid section in chanting “You are awesome!” 

Everyone walked away with a Del Monte beach ball and a bracelet reminder of how to balance healthy eating choices with physical activity.  Parents left with quick, healthy Del Monte recipe ideas and experienced how easy and fun healthy living habits can become.  Two parents were heard saying, “This is so clever!” and “This is great, hope to see you again next year”.

Also at the Taste of Chicago Family Village, the words “Ready – Set – Cook!” kicked off delicious ideas and healthy fun!

The event’s message was Breakfast GO Power.  To begin the fun, three teams comprised of one adult and 3 kids chose names like “Delicious”, “The Hot Plates”, and “The Cooks”.  Each team was given a “surprise” bag of groceries and asked to create an appealing healthy meal.  While the teams were cooking, the audience participated in the edu-tainment, providing creative breakfast ideas of their own.  As a reminder to balance healthy eating choices with physical activity, the audience won Del Monte beach balls.  

The results were healthy fun for all and quick creative breakfast ideas like breakfast “appetizer trays”, burritos and a yummy morning sandwich.  One of the team leaders,a youth group director, described the experience by saying “This was fun and good for the kids!”

Executive Director, Vickie L. James, RD, LD, summed up HKC’s second year to participate in the Taste of Chicago’s Family Village by saying, “We’re thrilled to have been a part of ‘America’s City Picnic’, showcasing affordable, simple steps for Chicagoans to create healthy lifestyles.  Events like this further HKC’s efforts to meet First Lady Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move challenge for us all to be a solution to building healthy communities.” 

Sarah Ludmer, RD, LD, Senior Nutritionist for Del Monte Foods said, “Del Monte is proud to be a part of such a unique event that brings family and health together.  Our products make it easier for kids and parents to incorporate nutrition into their everyday lives.”