Healthy eating and physical activity solutions for kids

Enjoy A Healthy Balance

What does a healthy balance mean to you?  For us, it’s the core of our mission, to help people help kids eat, move, and enjoy a healthy balance.  I think it means truly enjoying everything in moderation, but what do you think?

The Hartman Group’s new report has a great little table that compares our perceptions of balance today to 10 years ago.  I really like their interpretation of the general trend to mean that people are now “emphasizing the more playful side of wellness”;  and “less misery, more pleasure”.

How interesting…People view exercise as play and fun and eating right as pleasurable!  My own conclusion is maybe they even believe wellness is about enjoying a healthy balance.  Obviously something has changed in the past 10 years.  Do you agree? 

Of course I’d like to also believe that Healthy Kids Challenge has something to do with this general trend toward kids and families enjoying active play and healthy eating.  After all, it is exactly what we strive to do every day.  Like today for instance.  We are helping kids enjoy a healthy balance in Charles City, Virginia through our School Challenge Distance Assistance Program.  Let’s go back to the original question, though.  What about you?  I’m interested in knowing what a healthy balance means to you.