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Healthy Breakfast GO Power Ideas for Children

Do you and your children eat breakfast?  Is it a healthy breakfastBreakfast GO Power is one of our HKC Healthy6 practices. 

The 5 “Powers” of a healthy breakfast are:

1.  feeling better

2.  better concentration

3.  better reaction times

4.  higher energy levels

5.  better test scores

Research keeps adding reasons why powering up with breakfast matters the rest of the day.  A healthy breakfast – one that’s rich in whole grains, fiber, and protein and low in added sugar boosts children’s attention span, concentration, and memory – all important for success in school.  Action for Healthy Kids has a downloadable tool Breakfast=Achievement that is great for sharing the benefits with others.  Did you know that people who don’t eat breakfast often consume more calories throughout the day, making it more likely they’ll be overweight?  September’s edition of the Journal of the American Dietetic Association reports children who consumed ready-to-eat cereal for breakfast were less likely to be obese.  Breakfast matters, all day, every day.

Breakfast GO Power Ideas:

1.  Whole-grain CEREAL with low fat MILK and a BANANA

2.  TORTILLA with low fat CHEESE and APPLE slices

3.  Whole wheat TOAST with scrambled EGG and STRAWBERRIES

Hungry for more healthy breakfast ideas?  Try this download from the HKC-CIGNA Healthy Balance Toolkit or just ask in the comment section here!