Healthy eating and physical activity solutions for kids

Active Play, Balance My Day

Increase physical movement through the day in every way.  We recommend choosing things you LIKE to do for at least 60 minutes of active time most days.  Here’s a favorite Healthy Kids Challenge Activity Idea:

Moving in the Right Direction

Description:  Kids learn cardinal direction while in motion

Grade:  K-2

No supplies

The teacher will:

  1. Have kids scatter throughout a large identified area.. 
  2. Begin by having players review the four cardinal directions: North, South, East, and West
  3. Identify a cardinal direction and instruct kids to perform a motion while moving in that direction. 

SUGGESTION: As kids become proficient with the 4 basic directions, add north and south westerly and easterly directions. 

Action Option: This activity can be modified to use in the classroom using simple dance steps. Have kids practice dance steps, then add the direction to the music.  Don’t hesitate to ask the music professionals to lend a hand! Examples: Grapevine West, Grapevine East, Cha-cha-North, Cha-cha-South. 

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