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Nutrition Curriculum K-2 Grades

Nutrition Curriculum K-2 Grades

All current Balance My Day curricula include MyPlate. 

Balance My Day Description 

Thirty 20-minute Grade K-2 lessons integrate core subjects like math, language arts and science. Nutrition education lessons meet Centers for Disease Control HECAT indentified outcomes.  Every classroom lesson includes a Move and Learn activity to enhance learning and add more movement in the day.

Kids learn skills to build healthy habits for better health and academic success!  Healthy breakfast, snack, beverage, portion size, fruit and veggie, active play, energy balance, and food skills lessons are hands-on.

Learning Enhancement Features!

  • Nutrition trivia and morning messages are fun and create awareness.
  • A school food service section with activities integrates all components of a healthy environment.
  • Twelve Taste and Learn activities with simple recipes that incorporate "mini-lessons" are a great tool for classroom or afterschool programs.
  • SPARK lessons can be used separately or to enhance classroom learning.
  • 1 set of 156 food picture cards for food identification, bulletin boards, or nutrition education games.
  • Photocopy ready tip sheets connect parents with classroom learning. 

    **Note – Curriculum books each contain parent tip sheets in English but not Spanish.  For ease of copying and a color option of the English version OR for a full set of the tip sheets in Spanish (only available by download), click here to read description and order.   

With every order, also included are 3 nutrition education event guides, great for health fairs, or parent nights:

"Balance My Day Curriculum is THE most comprehensive and realistic nutrition education curriculum I've seen in my 25 years of practicing nutrition education. This guide is a thorough, easy-to-use tool that RDs, nutrition educators, foodservice personnel, teachers, administrators and parents will benefit from. I appreciate that there are kid's activities, fitness activities, bulletin board ideas and lesson plans all wrapped up in one book." -- Jane Pelkki, MPH, RD LD 

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