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Eat Right with Color Challenge: Week 2

Yellow and white colored corn on the cob


Welcome back to Healthy Kids Challenge Eat Right with Color Challenge! How did you color your daily diet this week? Was it easier than last week?

Week 2 - March 7-11, 2011


  1. Rate Your Plate! Find out how you rate when it comes to making daily meal choices.
  2. Color your plate with whole grains & explore the variety! Try barley, brown rice, bulgur or quinoa; in a soup, side dish or salad.
  3. Fruit Snacks. Try fruit as part of one snack each day. Choose from your favorite fruit - fresh, frozen, canned or dried! 
  4. Veggies PLUS. Eat an additional serving of veggies for dinner every day; Del Monte's Recipes for Wellness make it easy! 
  5. Healthy Dessert Alert. Have applesauce, fruit cocktail, or canned peaches for dessert. 

Remember the weekends count too! Here's what to do: Pick one of this week's challenges and repeat it on Saturday. Repeat it again on Sunday, or pick another for Sunday. It's simple!

Coming up...canned veggie ideas and more!