Healthy eating and physical activity solutions for kids

Snack Attack: Healthy Snack Training for After School Youth Leaders!

Johnson County Kansas Parks and Recreation District afterschool program directors and Children’s Service Specialists found out how helping kids get healthier just got easier with Healthy Kids Challenge® (HKC)!

This training provided youth leaders simple solutions for incorporating fun healthy eating and movement activities into their existing after school programs. An emphasis was placed on healthy snacking. Starting in March 2011, the directors and their program staff have made a commitment to following best practice guidelines for snacks. This includes:

  • Self serve – Allows kids to learn to make healthy choices and understand a healthy serving size as well as practicing food skills
  • Snack time allowance – Snack time is set for a period of time to allow kids to choose when to have their snack based on hunger and thirst, not the clock
  • Water and skim milk - The beverages of choice helping guide nutrient intake and hydration with a Drink Think best practice
  • Lower fat and added sugar snack options - Including more fruits and vegetables and whole grains to help build a healthier pyramid intake

Director feedback about the Snack Attack training was enthusiastic!

  • “My kids will LOVE the recipe ideas and the games you’ve shared with us today!” 
  • “This was well worth my time and something I can take back and implement easily!”
  • “On a scale of 1 to 5, this workshop was a 10 plus!”
What healthy snack best practices do you follow?