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Eat Right with Color Challenge: Week 4

Kids Learn Tasty Ways to Eat Green Peppers

Congrats on making it through week 4; you’re in the home stretch! Here are this week’s Eat Right with Color Challenges for March 21-25, 2011:

1. Color Champions! Increase your kids’ fruit and vegetable intake by trying any one of the tasty winning recipes from last year’s Stirring Up Health Recipe Contest.

2. Eat Right with White. White foods have colorful nutrients too! Kids can try mushrooms and onions on top of a grilled steak, a fresh garden salad, and sliced bananas.

3. Fresh, frozen or canned: It’s easy for kids to eat an additional serving of veggies at dinner tonight. Try an easy Del Monte recipe with added veggies.

4. Go Green! For lunch kids can enjoy a leafy green salad before they eat anything else.

5. Change the texture: Use pureed fruits (berries, apples, peaches, pears) to top kids’ pancakes, French toast or waffles! So different and so yummy!

Hang in there for the final four challenges next week!