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Eat Right with Color Challenge: Week 5

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Thank you for participating in the Healthy Kids Challenge Eat Right with Color Challenge during National Nutrition Month 2011. Every weekday of March we have posted on Twitter a new daily color-eating challenge. Our “final four” are here for you. (Coincidentally, the NCAA Final Four is this weekend, but that’s another blog post…)

Week 5 – March 28-31, 2011

1. Try veggies in a veggie- stuffed peppers - for a great tasting snack or side dish. See Del Monte's healthy recipes for ideas!

2.Canned Counts. Open up a can of veggies or fruit and enjoy for a healthy afternoon snack!

3.Delicious Dessert. Plan to eat fresh or canned fruit for dessert after every evening meal, instead of high fat or sugary options.

4.Dip It. Plan to snack on fresh veggies and add a tasty low-fat dip.

Remember, if you completed the Eat Right with Color Challenge and you tell us about it, you can enter to win a “colorful” prize!