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3 Tips for Healthy Meals: School Lunches

Whether you send lunch from home or your kids eat school meals, you know how important it is that kids’ brains and bodies get healthy meals at school. In the morning rush, sometimes “healthy” gets overlooked when packing lunch at home, and “convenient” wins the race. Or you’re just plain out of ideas!

Consider this: with new healthy guidelines for school meals, and chef-inspired recipes being cooked up, now is the perfect time to have your kids check out the school meal program. Whether lunch comes from home, or at school, kids need to be well-nourished so they can perform well everywhere they live, learn, and play. So here are 3 tips for your kids to try from a school meal OR from home for lunch:

1. Veggies - The Tasty Way. Most kids need to eat more veggies, so send low-fat ranch for dipping. Ask the school meal program director if they offer or will offer any kind of dip when they serve veggies.
2. Fantastic Fruits - Every day. Apples, bananas, and oranges are nature’s fast food! The school meal program always provides at least one serving of fruit so why not give it a try? When shopping buy fruit that is in season, and on sale, and include some peanut butter or yogurt for dipping.
3. Drink Think. Encourage kids to drink only water or milk every day at lunch. All schools now offer water in the cafeteria during lunch, as well as low-fat and fat free milk. If you send drinks from home, remember the best thirst quencher is water!