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Ho Ho Healthier Holiday Gatherings

If I had to choose my favorite Healthy Kids Challenge message regarding healthier holiday eating, it would be Smart ServingsSmart Servings allows you and your family to enjoy those special holiday foods and teaches “moderate eating” that goes beyond just the holidays. Try these ideas:

  • Visualize Your Plate – Think ahead about what a healthy meal plate looks like. Use the MyPlate icon and food groups to guide your choices.
  • Scan and Plan – Scan the food options and make a plan to include your favorites while keeping health in mind, such as fruits and veggies. You don’t have to try every food served!
  • Choose Less Fat and Sugar – As you scan and plan food choices, consider the fat and sugar content. Limit those foods.
  • Hunger Cues – Holiday meals usually provide more food choices than our usual meals. We tend to heap our plates full! Start out with small or “moderate” portions and listen to your “feelings of fullness”. Stop eating when you’ve had enough and enjoy the company around you! You’ll be on your way to a healthy holiday season.

What tips help you and your family enjoy holiday eating without the guilt of overindulging? Share your ideas!

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