Healthy eating and physical activity solutions for kids

Challenge: Healthy Kids...Solution: You!

Challenge: Healthy Kids...Solution: You!  

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In today’s world, ALL kids are ‘at risk’ for obesity, hunger, or both. Truly, the majority of Americans are not eating or moving for optimum health. So we at Healthy Kids Challenge® strive to reach ALL kids and families to provide solutions.

At the CDC’s Weight of the Nation conference, they echoed our commitment to all kids and families when our public health leaders reported it will take ALL of us, from government, education, health care, and industry to communities, schools and parents, to solve this issue.

YOU can do something. Just start where you are!

Below are the cornerstone Healthy6 messages to get you started. Start with yourself. Start with your own family. Start with your class or youth group. Start with your school or community. Just start where you are today.

Six Healthy Messages - The Cornerstone for Healthy Change

1. Active Play, Balance My Day

2. Breakfast GO Power

3. Drink Think

4. Fruits and Veggies-Every Day the Tasty Way

5. Smart Servings

6. Snack Attack