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Kids’ Summer Olympics Game Ideas

Kids’ Summer Olympics Game Ideas 

Play along with this month’s Active Play Idea, Race for the Place! Through fun, healthy role-modeling, you may be inspiring a future summer Olympian!

Increase physical movement through the day in every way. Choose things you LIKE to do for at least 60 minutes of active time most days.                               

Race for the Place                                                                                        

Kids practice place value as they perform relay activities

  1. Ask kids to imagine they are competing in the 2012 Summer Olympics in a Track and Field Relay event.
  2. In a large area, divide kids into groups.
  3. Let each group decide on a country they will represent for the Olympics.
  4. Give each group a set of commas.
  5. Place the numbers in an area opposite of where the kids are located.
  6. Write a number on the dry erase board and show it to the kids.
  7. Instruct kids that on signal,
  • The first person in each group will use a locomotor skill (run, hop, skip, slide, swim) to move to the number pile and bring back the number in the ones column.
  • Touch the second person's hand , who then gets the number for the tens column and so on until the number is complete.
  • When all numbers have been retrieved, the group places the comma(s) in the appropriate place and practices saying the number.

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