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5 Ways YOU Can Take Action for Healthier Kids

5 Ways YOU Can Take Action for Healthier Kids 

What have you done to take action for healthy kids today? No better time than the present! Thousands of ways exist, but here are just 5 of our fun, free, and favorite actions YOU can take today:Healthy Kids Challenge helps kids eat, move, and enjoy healthy balance

1. Take a group walk!
Whether you are a principal leading a school-wide morning walk or a teacher/youth leader providing an afternoon break, it's worth the time spent. A routine walk helps kids re-focus, but also sends the message that physical activity is an important part of the day. Check out The Morning Mile for more ideas!

2. Incorporate HKC's Monthly Action Ideas into your lesson plans.
The activities are based on HKC's Healthy6 messages making teaching easier and learning FUN! Simple instructions make them easy to do, while offering healthy learning. Try fun challenges for teachers and students, like this Fruit & Veggie Challenge.

3. Offer physical activity as a reward for good behavior.
It's a win-win for everyone! From early childhood to high school age, SPARK offers fun ideas for physical activity. Their website offers a collection of free SPARK Physical Education Lesson Plans.

4. Provide "healthy" free time activities.
Offer Nourish Interactive free printables, like healthy foods activites or even ones having a holday theme! Or, use HKC's Healthy6 topics to spur class discussions about healthy eating and physical activity.

5. Role-model healthy habits.
Participate in active games with your class/group. Set water at your desk to drink during the day and allow your students to keep water at their desks too. Try the CIGNA Healthy Balance Toolkit to see which habits you excel at and which ones you can improve on.