Healthy eating and physical activity solutions for kids

New Action Idea and Tip Sheet for September

New Action Idea and Tip Sheet for September 

In honor of Childhood Obesity Awareness Month, here are 2 actions you can take to help kids make healthy food choices and be more active. 

How Many Fruits and Veggies on YOUR Plate?

  1. Using a MyPlate poster, point out the fruit and vegetable food groups.
  2. Have kids draw the MyPlate icon on a paper plate.
  3. Ask kids what veggies they eat. Instruct them to write in the veggie section of MyPlate, all the different veggies they usually eat.

    Find the full activity - and more ideas - on our September Monthly Action Idea page.

Active Play - Fun Moves Everywhere

This month our parent tip sheet focuses on Active Play. Click the link, scroll to the bottom of the page, download it and share!

Challenge yourself and your family to try these ideas to add more healthy activity into your day! Every little bit helps and soon a little bit, can make a BIG difference.