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How to Make School Lunch Changes Easier - Part 1

How to Make School Lunch Changes Easier - Part 1 

It is true. The only constant in life is change. Here’s another truth: Change isn’t easy. So when you try to change 32 million* children’s school lunches all at once, well, you get the isn’t easy. What is easy though, is celebrating the hundreds of thousands of small, sustainable, healthy ways that schools, parents and kids have already found to adapt to the school lunch changes...and yes, make them a bit easier to swallow!

For starters, how about actually experiencing the guidelines at lunch with your child? Yes, I’m really suggesting you go to school, purchase a school lunch and sit down and eat it with your child. There’s actually a national day called Take Your Parents to Lunch Day, and it’s Wednesday, October 17th. It’s a day to “celebrate what’s great about school lunch - and learn how we can all work together to make it even better.”

And to entice you even more, it’s also National School Lunch Week from October 15th- 19th, 2012. “School Lunch – What’s Cooking?” is about celebrating the positive changes that have been made in school lunch programs across the country. Schools nationwide have been cooking up all sorts of exciting programs and plans.

Okay, I realize you may not be able to make it to school for lunch, and you may just like to know where to get more ideas. Here are 3 to start with:

  1. Creative and Healthy Cafeteria Ideas- Healthy Kids Challeng
  2. The School Day Just Got Healthier - USD
  3. Healthier School Lunches - Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI)

Please come back next week and we’ll delve into more real-school examples of how to make the school lunch changes easier. And certainly, if you have a success story of your own, I’d love to share it with our readers.

*Each school day an average of 32 million children eat a USDA school lunch, and 13 million eat a school breakfast.