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How to Make School Lunch Changes Easier - Part 3

How to Make School Lunch Changes Easier - Part 3 

Every challenge is an opportunity to do better. Take school lunch changes for example. I agree that there’s no “one-size-fits-all” when it comes to feeding millions of children across thousands of miles. It does present a huge challenge, but working within that challenge is totally possible, and in some cases, hugely successful!

In fact, “public school students, by a 3-to-1 margin, say meals have become better tasting under California's new nutritional standards.” See: Most Students Give More Healthful State School Menus Thumbs Up

Without going into the specifics here, here are some other positive examples of real schools working within the change to make it work for them:

Fayette BOE told food has improved

What's for Lunch? Hillsborough County Schools Introduce New Menu

Brighton Superintendent: School Lunch Sales Not Affected by New Health Guidelines

And last but not least, some supportive feedback and reports from bloggers, news media, nutrition professionals, and parents:

When Children Reject a Healthy Lunch

School Lunch Showdown: 850-Calorie Meals Compared

New USDA Nutrition Guidelines Could Help Children Reclaim Their Childhoods

How are you, or your school, finding ways to work within the change? I’m interested in hearing more...