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Updated! January Action Idea and Tip Sheet!

Updated! January Action Idea and Tip Sheet!  

This month’s ideas are fresh and fun for the New Year, helping you create appeal for healthy eating with a fun Drink Think themed game and simple tips for helping kids make their own breakfast. Check ‘em out...

*Take Action! Play the “Size It Up, Measure It Up” Drink Think Game*

Make a healthy SPLASH with a Drink Think. Choose water or low fat milk more often.

Ask kids if they know the number of ounces for milk they can choose in the cafeteria; compare their response to the actual number of ounces. Proceed with a discussion about getting enough milk in a day and how to add it up.

  1. Pass out the paper plates and instruct each person to write whatever combination of numbers you would like them to practice (whole numbers or fractions)
  2. Everyone tosses their 3 plates into a designated circle.
  3. Once they have tossed their plates, they walk to the circle and pick up 3 more plates.
  4. Instruct each person to: a) add the number of ounces found on each plate and b) calculate the number of ounces they would still need to have to equal 8 ounces of milk in 1 serving.

Follow the link for the entire activity and bonus tips: Drink Think Action Idea

*Use the Breakfast Tip Sheet*
Help Kids Fix Their Own Breakfast
Click the link and then scroll down for the download.