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Family Snack Attack Contest

Family Snack Attack Contest  

Want an easy way to get your middle schoolers interested in healthy eating? Try a family snack attack contest! This simple family activity involves kids in the kitchen and provides a great chance to talk about making healthy choices.

For starters, give your contest a creative name. I like to call this one “Proof is in the Pudding.”

Ingredients and Measures:
For an individual serving, combine:

  • ⅓ cup pudding
  • ½ cup fruit


  1. Everyone follows the “recipe” for ingredients and measures (to create individual servings).
  2. Each person can use creativity to mix and match different flavors of pudding and fruits for their own unique recipe.

Go to the market as a family to choose your fruit choices.
Talk about different ways fruit is sold - canned, frozen, and fresh.
Talk about differences in cost, taste, and whether extra sugar is added (and why it might be a good idea to choose some with less sugar)

Create individual servings, one per family member. Mix the ingredients or layer them.

Sample Recipe:
¼ cup strawberries + ¼ cup kiwi slices + ⅓ cup vanilla pudding. Mix the strawberries and kiwi together, and then alternate layers of the fruit mixture and the pudding.

For Best Color, Best Taste, Best “Crunch”, Best Recipe with ___ (name the fruit)...make up more categories if needed so everyone wins!

*More ways to create interest in healthy eating are available in the Grades 6-8, Balance My Day Nutrition Curriculum.