Healthy eating and physical activity solutions for kids

Healthy Kids Challenge Resources for Active Schools

Healthy Kids Challenge Resources for Active Schools 

Healthy Kids Challenge® supports Let’s Move! Active Schools, and is offering resources and training to help schools provide an active environment for everyone.

Together, healthy eating and physical activity create balance. Healthy Kids Challenge is committed to helping leaders find ways to support kids and families in finding they C.A.N. (connect activity and nutrition), including:

  • A partnership with SPARK evidence based PE programs.
  • A Move and Learn activity in every nutrition curriculum lesson.
  • Active Play is one of the Healthy6 habits.
  • Integrating physical activity into every workshop and event. Kids and adults learn better with movement.

We support Let’s Move! Active Schools, “a comprehensive program that empowers school champions – P.E. teachers, classroom teachers, principals, administrators, and parents – to create active environments that enable all students to get moving and reach their full potential.”

Check out our Balance My Day™  Nutrition Curriculum grades K-8:

  • Comprehensive classroom lessons integrate math, science and language arts with the CDC HECAT (Health Education Analysis Tool) outcomes.
  • Every lesson has a Move and Learn activity to enhance learning and add more minutes of physical activity to the day.

And our Healthy Kids Challenge Healthy Eating and Physical Activity Trainings:

From school-based nutrition education curriculum and food service training to environmental and policy changes that make healthy eating and physical activity the easy choice, workshops are tailored for your audience and school or community. Let us design a training that meets your needs: half day-full day-breakout sessions!

Here’s an example of a recent HKC-SPARK Nutrition Education Training:

Training for staff in the West Orange, New Jersey school district was centered around:

  • how to integrate brain breaks for better focus and concentration,
  • healthy eating messages sprinkled throughout the school hallways, cafeteria, and classrooms, and
  • nutrition education woven into PE and core curriculum K-12.

Hats off to Thomas A. Edison Middle School and the entire school district in West Orange, who truly understand the strategy of using good nutrition and physical activity to create a culture of health in the schools that can do nothing short of fueling student success.

“Teaching our students to maintain a healthy balance with eating and exercise is our top priority. The SPARK program is helping provide the tools and training to achieve this goal,” shared Corinn Giaquinto, Health and Physical Education instructor, Thomas Edison Middle School, West Orange, New Jersey.

We use the most current evidence-based recommendations of Centers for Disease Control and other leading organizations. Use this link for information about HKC strategies and outcomes. Have an active day!