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Active Play: Challenge, Printable, and SPARK

Active Play: Challenge, Printable, and SPARK

May is THE month for Active Play! In honor of National Physical Fitness and Sports Month, I challenge you to help kids get more active play by using at least one of the following options:


Active Play Challenge - May Action Idea

  1. Download the Active Play Challenge form and copy enough to give one to each kid.
  2. Explain to the kids that you are going to challenge them to feel good, look great and have fun with minutes in motion during the day!
  3. Hand out the Challenge forms and explain how to track points each day.
  4. Encourage kids to get an to join them in active play, and get extra points. Have the parent/guardian sign the log, and the kids can bring it back to school.
  5. At the end of 1 week, discuss with kids their results.


Family Fun Means Motion - Print this new sheet from our “Active Play, Balance My Day” Healthy6 tip series. It helps you make physical activity fun with tried and true family games! It’s a great way to get the whole family moving.


Partner Spotlight on SPARK

You may have seen this already, but I want to share that this month in our weekly WOWS newsletters, we are featuring some of our Partners In Health. Since I’m already sharing some of our active play ideas here, I thought I’d mention that our partner, SPARK, has free physical activity and P.E. lesson plans online. Check ‘em out!

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