Healthy eating and physical activity solutions for kids

Simple Healthy Add-Ons

Use these simple healthy add-ons to energize your day at camps and community programs! Simple healthy add-ons can be easily created from any of our Healthy6 key messages by giving kids a one-minute Healthy6 message, supported by a quick Healthy6 activity, and challenge them to a simple goal. After all, we learn best when we Hear, See, AND Do!

Try a Drink Think Add-On!


You can live about a month without food but only how long without water? A week. Water keeps you hydrated and, when you’re hydrated your body workds effectively by sweating on a hot summer day. That is your body’s way of cooling you down. The water in sweat evaporates and cools your body.


Have kids fold a piece of paper into a fan and try this experiment on themselves:

1. Fan the inside of one arm and describe how cool it feels.
2. Take a wet paper towel strip and place it in the same area on their left arm.
3. Remove the paper towel and immediately fan the area. Ask them which arm felt cooler. The evaporative cooling created by the water and the fan makes the left arm feel cooler. Finish the activity by calling out these incomplete statements and having kids spell the answer W-A-T-E-R by alternately standing up and squatting down:
1. When it is hot outside, drink...W (up)--A (down)--T (up)--E (down)--R (up).
2. To skip 10 teaspoons of sugar, instead of a can of soda choose...
3. For healthier teeth, instead of sugary drinks choose...


Have kids set a simple goal to choose water instead of sugary drinks. A simple healthy add-on for Breakfast GO Power was in this week’s WOWS newsletter, so click here to sign up for a copy of that issue, or email us at if you want that one, too. Be sure to let us know if you would like more of these for the rest of the Healthy6 key messages. Enjoy!