Healthy eating and physical activity solutions for kids

5 Ideas for Healthy Kids, Active Halloween

This Halloween focus more on the tricks - activities and games - than the treats! Change names in these 5 activities to fit the Halloween theme.

  1. "Spellercise" - Use Halloween words, like skeleton, werewolf or witches for the spelling list.
  2. Preschool - For the game Duck, Duck, Goose, have the person who is "it", tap heads saying "monster" and then pick someone by saying "vampire”. Have kids walk like a zombie as they move around the circle.
  3. Elementary - Add a Halloween twist to a basic relay.
    • Find 2 inexpensive witches cauldrons and fill with spooky items like plastic spiders, fake teeth and such.
    • Line up the kids in 2 groups and place the cauldron a good distance opposite the kids.
    • On command, the kids will run to the cauldron while the leader calls out a spooky item to find and take.
    • After finding the item, kids run back to the line and the next person goes.
    • The team with the first empty cauldron is the winner.
  4. Middle School - Take a class "brain break" for Halloween fun.
    • Prior to class, gather spooky items (see #2 above) and hide items in the school gym or a large area.
    • Make out 2-3 scavenger lists of the items with names of class team members.
    • Hand out the lists and lead kids to the area to "scavenge".
    • Allow 10-15 minutes to pass.
    • The winning team finishes the list first or has the most items after the allotted time is up.
  5. We can’t totally leave out the treats! Change the name of our Bumps on a Bagel Recipe - to "Bugs" on a Bagel or "Eyeballs" on a Bagel (using halved grapes instead of raisins). Have fun!