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Active Play is Alive and Well on The Ohio State Campus

I had the privilege to spend most of a week on The Ohio State Campus last week. From start to finish, the experience was wonderful! My favorites include the beautiful yet super functional Student Union, the amazing Buckeyes football stadium, and the comfortable yet ever accommodating Blackwell Hotel.
Ohio workshop-stadiumjpg

However, one thing stood out as over the top even beyond that list and that was how easy the campus has made it to enjoy active play AND, that the students are enjoying that easy access.

Ohio workshop-bicycles

Bicycles crowd each building front while students attend classes, driving on campus is an acceptable challenge with all the bike traffic, and walking or running is the norm. One afternoon, I was thrilled to see a group of about 30 colleges students challenging each other with double jump rope; wow, that took me back a few years! And to see the enjoyment of such a fun active play by university students was awesome!
Ohio workshop-traffic laws

The other huge stand out was the friendliness and helpful nature of each and every student I came into contact with. The respect and appreciation for themselves and others really was a shining star with the Buckeye students. Could we make a correlation that active students are also more balanced, in tune with themselves and others? Food for thought from the road!