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On the Road with HKC – People That Care about Programs That Matter

A recent trip to Columbus, Ohio, to work with staff from the Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program (EFNEP) and Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP-Ed) was a special treat. At a time with budget uncertainty and cuts, we forged ahead in the name of children’s health and came together for 3 days of nutrition education training so that the state of Ohio could better serve school age youth. I admire the vision, the dedication and the commitment. Hats off to both programs and their future work for kids!

I asked each participant to write down one thing they would commit to doing in the coming weeks to move forward with nutrition education services in the schools they serve and the answers were deep and focused. Creating messaging for why this work is needed - talking with principals - building partnerships - and making personal health challenges to better serve as a role model, were all things I read repeatedly on their commitment cards. What does that say to me? Even with budget cuts, nutrition education is alive and happening in the state of Ohio and will continue to right the ship until the waters are smooth sailing again. It’s folks like this that are paving the way to lessen childhood obesity, hunger, and poor nutrition in our country. I dedicate this blog to the state of Ohio EFNEP and SNAP-Ed programs and staff for a job well done and a vision brighter and stronger than the barriers they face.