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Relish Kid-Friendly Fall Recipes

While most of our work centers around schools and youth programs, we always look for ways to link the messages back home where kids and parents make family food decisions. Enter our Partner in Health, relish, iStock_000012076767XSmallwhose relish for Moms aims to help parents and kids cook together, eat together, and plan better meals together seven days a week, three meals a day, one bite at a time. Today we are thankful for not only their commitment to kids and families, but also for these amazing family dinner ideas, and you surely will be, too!

15 Family Dinners You Can Make In Under 15 Minutes - From our Partner in Health, relish: “We're big fans of easy homemade meals on we invite you to take these short-cuts—from pastas and soups to stir fries and salads…”

Easy and Kid-Friendly Weeknight Dinner Menus - “When you’re in a pinch, look to one of these four balanced menus, perfect for weeknights, plus a mouthwatering list of go-to one dish dinners that kids will love.”
And just in case you’re wondering...yes, we do have our own collection of recipes! The HKC Taste and Learn Recipes book contains 36 quick and easy recipes from all 3 Balance My Day™ curriculum books, which have been modified and compiled for home use. And, they’re available in both English and Spanish to meet your needs. Take a peek at this Mighty Milk recipe for an example. Let us know if you have questions or would like to order!