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Easy Healthy Kids Recipes During National Nutrition Month

Apple Almond SaladThe Apple Almond Salad recipe from last week is easy to use when teaching kids about healthy habits, and easy for them to learn some basic kitchen skills, too! At a school or community program, or even at home, use this activity to challenge kids to learn about what they’re tasting. It works with many fruit & veggie-based recipes, but our favorite is that apple-almond salad!

Taste and Learn Activity Materials: MyPlate symbol


  1. Fill half of a standard size meal plate with salad and explain it represents the fruits and veggies of the MyPlate symbol.
  2. Discuss how eating that amount at meals helps kids get their suggested daily servings of fiber.
  3. Ask kids to think of the fruits/veggies they ate yesterday.
  4. Did the amount they ate fill half a plate? Have them draw a representation of their plate.
  5. Ask kids to create a menu using the recipe and the other MyPlate food groups (grains, protein and dairy).
  6. Have them create a grocery list for their menu.

At home, parents can empower kids to get involved too!

  • Allow kids to help create the grocery list
  • Parents and kids go grocery shopping together
  • Kids make the meal with parents and eat together

Download parent tip sheets to reinforce the messaging here:

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Come back next week for more “Taste and Learn” Recipes, including the Turkey Veggie Wrap and a Yummy Fruit Combo!

Challenge Kids to Enjoy the Taste of Eating Right!